Hello, new friend, My name is Austin. I can't wait to help you grow your personal brand. I am a master of driving key metrics using Social Media.
Let's not be strangers for long. What is your name? *

What social media platforms are you on and what are the handles?

What is your website address?

I would love to learn as much as I can about you before we chat.
Who do you serve (Target audience) and how do you serve them (what results you generate)?

How many email subscribers do you have?

I.E 5000 email subscribers
What is your average open, click through, and conversion rate for email marketing?

I.e Open = 12% CTR = 6% conversion rate = .01%
Roughly how much do you spend per month on advertising? Where are those funds allocated?

What do you need help with? *

How many social media's do you need assistance with?

What is your estimated social media marketing budget per month? *

A general guideline is 7-10% of your revenue goal.

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